And then there was fail…

So, despite the crazy pace of the last six months, I had been on a streak of successful projects.  Scarves, monsters, hats, mittens, even squids!  But crafting is tricky.  You are reliant on your own skill, the quality of your materials and tools, and no small amount of luck.  My luck ran out yesterday on a new project bag.  Not for good, mind you, but definitely until my poor sewing machine has been serviced.

I decided to make a project bag for an upcoming trip.  I’m going to be traveling an ungodly amount of time on planes (seriously, 36 hours of scheduled travel time EACH WAY), so I’m going to need a lot of knitting and crocheting to keep me sane.  I had an old pillow cover that I have been meaning to make some of for years (and more recently at Christmas), and it seemed like the perfect centerpiece for the bag.  The design was simple–a basic square bag six-ish inches deep with bamboo handles.  I decided to quilt the panels using a thin batting and use a heavy canvas behind that to add stability.  And it was going swimmingly…

Quilted Panels: Complete
Quilted Panels: Complete

I even succeeded in getting the zipper into the top panel and the inner pocket.  But then, disaster struck:

Tension fail

My darling sewing machine went psycho.  The tension refused to behave.  I adjusted the top tension.  I adjusted the bobbin tension.  I dismantled all user-serviceable parts and reassembled the poor thing.  I defuzzed it.  I did all that again for good measure.  But the unruly loops remain. I’m not sure if my bobbin is messed up or something more fundamental.  All I know is that the project can’t be salvaged in time for my trip.  Alas, I broke down and bought a bag at Target that fulfills all me needs except that it’s not nearly as awesome as this bag will one day be.

But that’s the way of craft. It all works, until it doesn’t.  Lucy summed up my feelings on the matter quite accurately.

Damn it to hell!

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