Who am I?

You’ve clicked on this page. Hopefully, you have been amused or intrigued by something you’ve read elsewhere on this site. And now you want to know what scintillating personality is behind the keyboard. Brace yourself. I’m pretty awesome.

So, this is me in what I wish were my natural habitat.
This is me in my actual natural habitat.
This is why I can’t be left alone with gift wrapping.
This is why I can’t be left alone with my daughter’s toys. That pesky pigeon has to be contained. Otherwise, he may try to make off with my car.
I am capable of painting a portrait of a cat.
But not of my cats. They’re dorks. Fluffy, lovable, darling dorks.
One time, I dressed up as the jellyfish alien from the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Encounter at Farpoint.”
This is what happens when I work from home. Yes, you should probably interpret this as a giant bunny making important Information Technology decisions.
This is my favorite shirt. Yes, that’s a squirrel in a sweater smoking a pipe. But it’s a bubble pipe. I don’t condone the use of tobacco by rodents.
I get overly excited about snow.
Deep down, I’m a very friendly creature of the ocean.
I am always wishing I were sitting next to the ocean at sunrise with a cup of coffee. Unless I’m actually sitting next to the ocean at sunrise with a cup of coffee. Then I’m wishing I were aboard the Starship Enterprise, exploring the galaxy and causing mayhem with the replicators.

Please note: I am subject to change.