From the Deep…

This semester has been incredibly busy, but I have been doing more than work and school work.  Here is a squid I made for a friend:

Squiddy in the Sun

Isn’t he just adorable!  I was extremely pleased with how he turned out.  But more important that his intense cuteness, I learned how to do short rows in knitting during this project.  Yay!  Technique!

Also completed: an adorable hat with a flower on it.  Very nice, eh?

Flower Embellishment
Cute Hat

I also need to admit, there is a darkness stirring.  Madness will no doubt follow you once you hear about its horror.  In progress, soon-to-be-completed, is Pirate Cthulhu.  Waiting.  To shiver your timbers.

His Dreadness, the Pirate Cthulhu (in progress)
Pirate Cthulhu's only friend

I have several more projects in various stages of progress and planning. I’ll have more to share after an upcoming adventure…

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