Projects over the break…

I have three projects lined up.  First, the fingerless mittens are still in progress.  My knitting has progressed from embarrassing to slow-but-serviceable.  The rib-knitted cuff of one glove is done.  I’m now working on making sure the crocheted portion actually fits the recipient’s hands…

Fingerless Mitten Cuff

Second, another cthulhu has a head completed.  I’m now debating how to make the Hawaiian shirt for him.  Should it be part of his body or an actual shirt?


Even without eyes, cthulhu can see into your soul.

And last, but possibly the one that will be completed first, a craft supply holder and/or bag.  Like scuba, crafting is a gear intensive hobby.  I’ve only been back to crochet for a month now, and already my crochet hooks, one set of knitting needles, and stitch markers are getting unruly.

They're trying to escape as we speak.


I’ve had a vintage pillow cover sitting at the bottom of my craft drawer for years, waiting for the perfect project.  I’m now debating on whether to use it to make a crochet hook/knitting needle/stitch marker holder and/or a more travel-friendly project bag.  My current project bag is great for holding a small project at home, but I’m going to be flying again here soon, and I’d like my yarn and such to be more secure than an open-top crochet bag can make it.  If I make the larger project bag, I’ll also make the hook/needle/marker holder to match.  Here are the supplies I have thus far:


Endless possibilities...

I’m headed to Hobby Lobby in the not-too-distant future.  Hopefully my plans will solidify there.




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