Cozumel in the Wintertime, Illustrated

So our trip to Cozumel was all-in-all a good trip, though things did go awry more than any of us would have liked.  We intended to get our Advanced Open Water Certifications while we were there, but alas we’ll have to save that for another trip.  (Oh darn, we’ll have to go somewhere again.  Like maybe here….)

Day 1: After we flew in on Sunday, we did a shore dive.  My ears were a little cranky from the flight, so I only did a short shallow dive.  Dear Husband, however, stayed down longer and got some good pictures:

Some lovely coral


Here, fishy fishy
I see the light!

I, on the other hand, decided to go back to shore early and got swept into a kelp ball on the way to the shore exit.  This alone was not a problem, just an inconvenience.  Alarmingly, though, there was a dead lion fish in there.

This is a non-dead lion fish, but he's very similar to the one I encountered.

Lion fish in the Atlantic are a BAD THING. They are pretty, but on our side of the world, they are invasive and are killing off the indigenous fish along the Atlantic reefs. While it was good that this fish was already dead, it was still bad because their corpses apparently remain a bit venomous.  After the 5 seconds/eternity of screaming into my snorkel and panic ended, I flailed until I got out of the kelp ball. Luckily, I only got a glancing hit, so I didn’t have any pain.  The right side of my face was just numb for about 20 minutes.

Day 2: Cozumel usually has delightfully calm weather in winter, but it was a little windy while we were there.  The harbormaster kept the harbor closed both days we were supposed to do boat dives because of the wind.  As good little Okies, we scoffed at such a thought.  It was barely windy at all!  In May, this would be a calm day!  But alas, no boats went out.  So on Monday, we went and saw the Mayan ruins:

So many roots...
An arch of typical Mayan construction


Deep in thought

After that, we had lunch at a lovely seaside restaurant.  Apparently, Dear Husband only felt that one thing from lunch was worth a photo:



Then we were off to the beach:


A lovely beach flower
At high tide the surf comes up through the holes in the rocks
Splash goes the wave

Day 3: Sadly, it was still too windy for us to go out for a boat dive, so we did a shore dive instead.  After Dear Husband and I got sent to the wrong beach (oy!), we met up with our dive instructor and another diver.  Unfortunately, our instructor broke her arm when she slipped on a rock during her dive entry!  After getting her off to the hospital, we snorkeled and then dove Paradise Reef with a local divemaster.  While our instructor’s injury sucked mightily, the dive was awesome!


Fish and divers
Someone's a little crabby...
Cow Fish! (See the horns above his eyes?)
Scuba Emilie Scubas
Dear Husband and I

On the dive, I actually made it down to 38 feet–the deepest I’ve been yet.  My ears aren’t too keen on equalizing, but I’m going to get them to cooperate eventually.  And those are some great pictures, right?  Dear Husband did a wonderful job.  This was only his third time out with the camera.  I can’t wait to see what pictures he takes on our next trip.

Day 4: You shouldn’t fly after diving unless there has been a minimum 12 hour interval (24 hours recommended), so no diving on the day we departed.  And of course, this was the first day the wind died down enough for boats to go out.  Argh!  Instead, we spent the morning sipping coffee and enjoying the sea view from the hotel’s open air restaurant.

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