Returning again

I have been away from this place for quite a while. I am returning because I’m quite sure I have myriad things to say; yet the time at which I have amusing thoughts and the time at which I can write never seem to overlap. So I am writing anyway, hoping that something of use will fall out of my head. Maybe not this post, though.

Some adventures from the last few years:

  • Completed my Co-Active Coaching training and certification
  • Gone on scuba trips to Fiji and Palau
  • Successfully made it through pregnancy and childbirth
  • Learned that I am rather good with babies
  • Been promoted to management at work
  • Taken up painting again
  • Enrolled in CTI Leadership and completed the first two retreats
  • Started wearing socks with curse words on them

My intention is for this blog to become a place for me to post my thoughts on whatever I find intriguing, amusing, delightful, challenging, and strange. The world is full of such things, so I should have no problem finding things to post.

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