Knitters gonna knit…

So my Great Grandma, Thelma Edyth, taught me to crochet when I was four.  I’ve always enjoyed it, but for years I was bound to square objects.  Afghans, scarves, rectangular purses.  When I get stressed, I start crocheting.  Recently, I’ve started using actually patterns for the first time, and the results have been lovely.  I made an awesome server monkey for Tony:

I have also made a tiny Cthulhu, which one of my coworkers called dibs on (more Cthulhu are on the way):

Next up I’m going to try some fingerless mittens that I found at Craftzine.  Most of them are made of crochet, but the edges are knitted.  Yes, knitted.  Despite 23 years of crocheting on and off, I’ve never learned to knit.  Tonight, I’m going to buy some knitting needles and hope for the best.  YouTube seems to have a variety of how-tos available, so hopefully I won’t fail too painfully.

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