A Start

In the past, I’ve considered blogs to be a vehicle in the journey towards becoming a writer.  Tonight I realized that it has been years since I was an actual English major.  Now, I am just a person with an English degree, still rolled up in my junk closet.  With a new perspective from my studies in Knowledge Management, I’ve decided to experiment with a blog to track web content that amuses me, brag about successful crafting/cooking/gardening/scuba/etc., bemoan bad crafting/cooking/gardening/scuba/etc., and generally just have a good time.  Life is too short to feel guilty for not writing the Great American Science Fiction Epic, or whatever it was that I’ve always felt guilty for not writing.

So, in a fit of sinus congestion-induced insomnia, I’m trying this blog thing again.  Who knows, it might be fun.

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